Payroll services

Payroll services give you as an employer time to focus on your business.
Given the huge benefits they offer for employers, it is hardly surprising that payroll services have soared in popularity in recent years. With JobManiac’s payroll service, we see to it that all the legal terms of employment for the relevant employees and any additional administrative matters are taken care of.

You continue to do what you do best and we do the rest, with a single invoice for your personnel administration.
As an employer, you can take care of your own selection and recruitment and then hand over all responsibility for your staff’s employment to us, meaning you avoid all financial risk when it comes to, for example, dismissal procedures or employee illness. We pay salaries, pay employer contributions, take care of pension accrual, arrange accident and liability insurance and reduce your personnel administration to a single invoice.

Reduce your risks as an employer and save time.
By having us take care of your payroll needs, not only do you reduce your risks as an employer, but the reduction in administration efforts also saves you a huge amount of time, allowing you to fully devote your attention to your core business. Working with flexible payroll contracts will also leave you in a better position to take advantage of peaks and troughs in the market.


Kika gaat samen met JobManiac de strijd aan tegen kinder kanker
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